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The Goodie Cart

This was our very first program and has proudly stood the test of time. It’s a cheerfully decorated cart filled with fun goodies and snacks that travels to every child’s hospital room. For patients who cannot eat for medical reasons we offer a small toy to insure our visit is just as special. Every visit comes complete with smiles, fun and a chance to chat about anything at all. It’s the perfect ice breaker to allow us to get to know the kids and their families. Of course everything is given at no charge to the kids or their family members and guests. It’s all about bringing a little bit of sunshine into their day. As one delighted teen said, “…wow, this is a whole different kind of medicine”. We couldn’t agree more!

My Comfort Zone

This program was designed to fulfill the wish list of a child who will be in isolation for an extended period of time. Typically this program benefits children having a Bone Marrow or Heart Transplant and will be unable to leave their hospital room for anywhere from 4 -12 plus weeks. Given an average budget of $300+ per child, they are invited to choose toys, electronics, video games, music, art supplies, special bedding, snacks, books or whatever makes them feel at home. The kids say that it is so much easier to endure their treatment when given an opportunity to transform a stark, white hospital room into their own personal space. The program strives to bring a little of the outside world back into their lives during this extremely difficult time.

The BMT Snack Pantry

The pantry was started for our Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) patients who must follow a restricted diet. We have managed to find special kid-friendly snacks that will not interfere with their treatment. Since it is essential they keep their calorie count up, we have a selection of small meal items such as microwavable soups, mac ‘n cheese, snacks and of course an occasional treat. It's available for staff to distribute whenever needed - day or night.

Quality of Life During Palliative and Hospice Care

We eagerly support the idea that children facing life limiting diagnoses should be given the support and extra layer of comfort that Palliative Care and ultimately Hospice can provide. Our role has always been to offer that extra layer of caring and to work with other staff to create the best quality of life for a child from day one. The Pinwheel Project continues to invest their time, creativity, imagination and resources in making a child and family’s shortened time together as meaningful as possible. It has given us the joy of witnessing many remarkable and “magical” outcomes over the years. Without a doubt, when medical treatment is complimented by love and caring that support the human spirit, the results are often nothing short of miraculous.

Great Scott – Jump For Joy!

This exciting program was designed for pediatric patients 18+ years old and facing a life-threatening diagnosis. We give them the opportunity to work on their ‘bucket list’ by going skydiving with a certified instructor and receive a DVD of their jump. For many of our ‘older’ patients, this is just the lift that they need to keep spirits high. Staying positive is such a vital factor in one's treatment. We wish to thank our dear friend, Scott McMurray, for so much but especially having taught us how to live and love each and every day to the fullest.

The Burial Fund

Please click here for a link explaining this very special and important program.


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